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The Autocraft Solutions Group ( consists of three manufacturing companies providing world class drivetrain, machining and engineering solutions to the automotive, aerospace, aviation, marine, medical and nuclear industries.

Autocraft Drivetrain Solutions ( based in Grantham, Lincolnshire, provides new engine assembly, conversion, modification and powertrain integration (engines and transmissions).  Other services include full engine remanufacturing to OE quality standards, EV battery assembly and remanufacturing for OEMs, 3rd party engine sales to the aftermarket and OEMs, and PTWA/RSW cylinder bore spray for both new manufacture and recovery of cylinder blocks. It also offers comprehensive engine testing, audit and warranty analysis at its 56,000sqm facility in Grantham, England.  Autocraft Drivetrain Solutions currently employs over 200 people and holds IATF16949:2016, ISO14001, QS-9000, ISO-9002, MMOG/LE and Ford Q1 quality accreditations.

Autocraft Machining Solutions ( based in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire is the company’s latest addition, with its 6,500sqm facility dedicated to the medium to high volume machining of cylinder heads and cylinder blocks to support the major automotive OEMs and sister company Autocraft Drivetrain Solutions’ engine assembly lines.  Autocraft Machining Solutions boasts an array of large 3-, 4- and 5-axis machine tools, CMM equipment and automated washes in its production plant which is also geared up to produce bed plates and ladder frames, gear and EV motor casings, transmission houses and other structural BIW components.

Vertex Engineering Solutions ( provides fixture design and manufacture, and low volume and prototype 5-axis machining from solid and castings from its high-tech toolroom facility in Hockley, Birmingham. Vertex focuses on high quality and high accuracy markets such as aerospace, aviation, marine, niche automotive, medical and nuclear, and can machine in most materials, from aluminium to hard steels, and specialist metals such as NiAlBronze and gunmetals. Vertex designs and manufactures gauging and inspection fixtures, assembly and welding fixtures, and machining and tombstone fixturing.  Vertex is also an expert in mould and die machining, with many years of experience in manufacturing aluminium pressure dies, plastic injection moulding tools and lost wax tooling.

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Services Autocraft Solutions Group Provide


New Engine Assembly

Autocraft Drivetrain Solutions is dedicated to the assembly of new engines, & conversion, integration & modification of niche high performance engine ranges. We provide engines for OEM service requirements, kit cars, off highway, marine & aviation.

Engine Remanufacturing

Autocraft remanufactures a range of gasoline & diesel engines, in 3 to 6 cylinder inline & V6 to V12 configurations for automotive & off-highway applications. We supply the world’s leading OEMs, including Ford, Jaguar Land Rover, Aston Martin.

Cylinder Head & Block Machining

Our long history of both machining cylinder heads and cylinder blocks from raw castings, or re-machining for our remanufacturing process means that we understand exactly the tight tolerances and quality standards you need to make a quality engine.

Machined Components

AMS also offers machining of bed plates & ladder frames, gear & EV motor casings, transmission housings, structural Body-in-White components, intake & exhaust manifolds, front covers, oil pans, oil pumps, conrods and much more!

Low Volume, 5-axis & Prototype Machining

Vertex is an experienced machinist from castings and solid billet. We have a range of machine tools at our factory in Birmingham, capable of 3, 4 and 5-axis machining, 2 & 3-axis CNC turning plus EDM spark erosion capability.

Fixture Design & Manufacture

Vertex has a long history of high quality, high accuracy fixture design and manufacture. We can provide fixtures for Gauging and Inspection, Assembly & Welding, Machining, Pallets & Tombstones for all your machining needs.

Mould & Die Machining

Vertex has many years of mould and die toolmaking in extrusion, foil, lamination and medium progression tools. We can produce many types of tools including injection & pressure dies, prototype and vacuum forming moulds and tools, & lost wax tooling.

PTWA/RSW Plasma Cylinder Bore Coating Technology

The PTWA/RSW process involves machining a small amount of metal off the cylinder bore then replacing it by spraying molten metal in a rotary motion down the bore. To learn more about PTWA/RSW go to

Electric Vehicle (EV) Battery Assembly & Remanufacture

ADS in Grantham has the capability to assemble new and remanufactured EV battery packs as well as the design, development and manufacture of associated power electronics and battery management system (software).

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